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As a virtual assistant, I am able handle all your business' needs, including branding, social media, email marketing, content delivery, general administrative tasks, and more! If you're great at seeing the big picture, but realize that you need a partner to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, let's chat!

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I love supporting business owners so they can focus working 

IN their business not ON it!


A VA Can Support Your Business

  1. Marketing support – A VA can assist you with marketing support, increasing your clientele and freeing up valuable time to service your customers. They also can handle all your marketing and publicity helping you to spread the word about your product or services.

  2. Specialty services – Many Virtual Assistants specialize in web design and search engine optimization. Once you work with a VA, they know your business inside and out, who better to help you prepare your website.

  3. Make you shine – A Virtual Assistant can make your next presentation shine by giving it that polished professional presentation which is sure to capture your audience and promote all your products and services.

  4. Gives you a professional edge – A Virtual Assistant can be instrumental in proofing, editing, and typing all your correspondence, pleadings, manuscripts, etc., thus allowing a more professional edge to all your business communications.

  5. Bookkeeping services – A Virtual Assistant can take over all your bookkeeping, bills and accounts payable. Let them worry about payroll so you can worry about the important tasks of running your business.

  6. Event Planning – A Virtual Assistant can plan your next company event or outing providing for an enjoyable and memorable time for all. Think how much more enjoyable it can be when the burden of planning is removed.

  7. No office space required – A VA can save you space because s/he work from his/her office as an independent contractor.

  8. Save you time – Hiring a VA can save you time because you will not have to spend time hiring an employee or temporary help, as well as training the new staff.

  9. Get you organized – A Virtual Assistant can schedule your appointments, manage your calendar, organize your desk, and make running a business that much smoother.

  10. Affordable!!! – Because VAs work on an “as needed basis”� and only when you have work, hiring a VA can save you money. Clients only pay for the work done, and don’t have to pay for benefits, equipment, or supplies. What a cost savings that can be.

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Charne' M. Tunson

818 - 835 - 2708

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